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We offer a diverse selection of materials to support a wide range of construction projects, from road construction to landscaping and beyond. Explore our range of materials below:

We offer


Millings are a versatile material commonly used for road construction and maintenance. Our millings are produced from recycled asphalt pavement and offer excellent compaction properties for stable and long-lasting roads.


From driveway gravel to drainage gravel, we supply a variety of gravel types to meet your specific needs. Our gravel is sourced from reputable quarries and available in various sizes and colors to suit your project requirements.


Whether you need decorative rock for landscaping or riprap for erosion control, we have the rock products you need. Our selection includes a range of sizes and colors, allowing you to create stunning landscapes and effective erosion control solutions.


Our sand products are ideal for a variety of construction applications, including concrete mixing, masonry work, and bedding material. With consistent quality and gradation, our sand ensures optimal performance and reliability in every project.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional aggregate materials. Our crushed concrete products are made from recycled concrete and meet the highest quality standards for strength and durability.

Geotextile Fabric

Are your solution for preventing and controlling erosion as well as an underlayer to reinforce roadways and ditches.  They also keep the division between aggregate and soil, so your investment lasts longer.

Culvert Pipe

Whatever your drainage project may be, we have you covered. We stock a vast array of ADS Pipe for managing stormwater runoff to aiding in rainwater harvesting endeavors or aiming to enhance land fertility.  ADS offers a diverse product range covering septic drain field pipe, culvert pipe, leach field pipe, and pipe fittings tailored to meet your requirements.


Keep your roads and parking lots safe and accessible during the winter months with our high-quality salt products. Our salt is treated for maximum effectiveness in melting ice and snow, providing reliable winter maintenance solutions for commercial and residential properties.


Your project in need of Asphalt we have you covered as we can haul product anywhere that you may need it. We work with local suppliers, or can work with your supplier if choice and just provide hauling.

Don't let winter weather slow you down. Contact Tracey Trucking today to learn more about our snow removal services and how we can help you stay ahead of the storm.